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    Wednesday Feb 8th

    John 1:14  "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth"

    This was our chosen bible verse for our grammar session.  We had everyone show up for Grammar 1, which is a blessing considering the temperature of 10 degrees at night.  One of student's birthday was this day and he still showed up.  During the grammar session, I  was reminded to be patient to talk and teach English to them.  Learning a foreign language takes time, effort, and mistakes.  The great immediate connection I can make with this group is we are alike.  Peers gravitate toward each other with similar interests or, in our case, struggles.  We can relate to the frustration and strengthen each other during those times.  Also, we can rejoice in the success of understanding verbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc. and being able to form sentences.

    This is why Jesus formed a close bond with 12 disciples.  These disciples can relate to the people.  The disciples had faults, failures, successes, struggles, and all these different issues in life.  You can not relate with Jesus.  What I mean by that is simple.  Jesus never sinned in life.  How can one relate to Jesus?  Jesus can help solve your problems and sins, because he did feel the temptations to do so.  Jesus is our Savior who deserves our attention and praise for bearing our sins.  He is a brother to all and we can always talk about issues in life.  The different of talking about issues and relating to them is one person bands together with another person who has failed or succeed in the same area.  People rallying around each other, and the disciples chosen are those who rallied the people.  It is troublesome to think many were influenced by Jesus' message one day and rebuked him the next day.  God knew to reach our hearts, it will take our peers to show each other Jesus. Through God, Peter preached for the first time in front of a large crowd and baptized about 3,000 people.  Think about who you relate to and influence them to make the right decisions.

    In Brotherly Love,



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