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    Sunday Feb 26

    Normally, we attend a bible study with Harding students.  A group of five decided to stay at the Bible School and have a our own devotional and relax from the busy week.  I have missed singing Anywhere with Jesus, Lord, Be There, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less, On Zion's Summit, and many more.  They are very pretty songs to hear and the words are meaningful.  I sang these beautiful songs growing up, and you tend to drift into the meaning of the song itself.  Although, the more I repeat, the more I tend to drift away from the meaning of the song.  After the separation of these songs for many months, what we sang last night had more of impact me than I can remember.  The group of five helped as well to take the tension off of getting the tone right, and enjoying each others' passion for the song as we sang together.  I wish I had the mentality to concentrate on the song's words instead of the song's notes.  I envy and look up to those who sing a particular song for the 1,000 time and still have joy about what the song says.

    In Brotherly Love,



    1. We Boyds are a family of singers. It would be hard to calculate the number of "golden oldies" that I can sing 1st, 3rd, and 4th verses to without a book. And if I tried to calculate the same statistic for Josh, it would be impossible. That boy is a walking songbook. But even knowing the words and parts like the backs of our hands doesn't force us to focus on the words themselves or allow them to convict our hearts ALL of the time.

      And I think that's OK. Sometimes my singing helps someone else focus on the words even if I'm not. Sometimes just the discipline of singing praises when my mind is miles away is a spiritual discipline in itself. And often, my singing helps my kids to realize that that's what Boyds do. We sing. That's what we do. We sing to our God in the car, in the kitchen, and while organinzing the closets. Whether we're really feeling the words or not. And isn't that far better than the other things we could be doing? :)



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