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    Sunday Night of the 5th

    Normally, we have a bible study at the church building on Sunday nights.  This particular Sunday was an exception.  We were invited to the Harding Villa to have dinner with the new arrival students and enjoy a special concert presented by three different solo artists from Florence.  It was very special, because they perform all over the United States year round, but they were all taking a break for a while from their tour and wanted to come play at the Harding Villa.  We took a video of one of the interactive performances.  Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have the video up on my facebook page.  This will be the simplest way for all to see.  From the Villa, we rushed over to the train station for the weekly feeding and talking to the homeless in Florence.  Each time is getting better and better with conversing with the Italians.  We sang In His Presence to end the night.  It feels like each Sunday we are there, progress is being made.

    In Brotherly Love,



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