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    February 2nd

    As Italian school passes each day, I am learning more vocabulary and forming sentences.  Just a week ago I was a little baby. Understanding a few words and not being able to speak at all.  Now, I am a toddler.  Taking a long time forming sentences in my head to transition to speaking a simple phrase.  I look forward to being able to listen and speak with very little to no trouble at all.  Where there are no struggles and the studying is easy.  I was quickly reminded of this concept.  In order to fully understand and be fluent in something like language, art, music, sports, business, physics, etc. you have to put in the hard the work and time to do so.  Michelangelo did not build the Sistine Chapel in one day, George Washington did not just know how to lead an army in one night.  It takes hard work and dedication to fully understand and be fluent. 

    Proverbs 28:5 "Evildoers do not understand what is right. But those who seek the Lord understand it fully."

    One of the definitions of seek is to go in search or quest of.  A Quest takes a long time, and to seek the Lord never stops.  To think you need to study a small portion of a particular subject or field to understand, then you will never truly understand it.

    In Brotherly Love,



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