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    Sunday Feb 12

    We had a very busy Sunday with worship service, lunch, followed by another Sunday evening Singing Service, and closed out the night at 10:45pm feeding the homeless.  It was such a cold and wonderful day.  One of the Harding workers raised funds for gloves to be passed out to the homeless folks this night.  It was some article of clothing they needed, plus a great way to open up a communication line in times of awkwardness.  The idea was simple and very useful that night.
    Have you worshiped in an uncomfortable place?  Maybe the seat was too hard to sit on, too hot in the building, or too cold in the building, etc.  Sunday morning was the typical cold morning and an even colder church building.  We did not worship in the assembly hall, but rather in the dining room close together to stay warm.  As we sat freezing in the dining room, I found myself drifting off into day dream world.  The world to entertain your mind, so you are not acknowledging how cold you feel.  Then, the sermon ends and you wake up from your day dream to finish out the service.  Comfortable or uncomfortable, you tend to day dream about numerous possibilities. Why is this the case?  Am I distracted by the cold weather?  Do I not want to engage in worship, because of the sermon, fatigue, or distractions about the week to come?  Satan uses our weaknesses of fatigue or inability to pay attention due to distractions in your life or lacking interest in the worship service.  The hardest times Satan works to pull us away from God are anytime we study and pray, but especially on Sunday mornings. This is a time to come to praise God with our church family, but it is a time when Satan puts on his hard hat and goes to work.  Everyone can not be 100% every Sunday morning, we are human.  At the very least, I need to work on focusing on God and not being distracted every Sunday morning.  The focus on God does not have to be, "pay attention to the worship service."  If you find yourself day dreaming, think of ways you can show God to others during the rough upcoming week.  This is just one thought of many.  This will keep your mind on God and Satan can not interfere.

    In Brotherly Love,



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