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    Monday March 5th

    This next question was asked by a man in our Bible Study, "How do you have the strong faith you do now?"  Have you pondered on where your faith is and how did it come to be?  Faith does not stop growing, it may grow sour grapes or beautiful apples.  When a simple question with a deep understanding is asked, your answer is not an easy one.  But it is an answer you must figure out about yourself. 

    Ask anybody, who believe in the Lord, about their faith.  You will receive a variety of answers, but one thing should hold true for every person.  Jesus is the Son of God and he died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life with Him in Heaven. Whether your faith is at a high point or a low point, you have the foundation of the sturdiest rock that Jesus is my Redeemer. 

    In Brotherly Love,



    1. Don't leve us hanging!!! :) How did you answer him???

    2. If you had a "like" button, I would be clicking it. Good writing today.



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