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    Monday March 26

    We had a nice bible study where we read about other peoples' lives who commit to the Lord's work.  It kept the theme going from last night's discussion coincidentally.  The pattern with all the stories of people who had these stories told were they utilized what they experienced growing up and their talents to the fullest.  One fellow christian grew up poor and homeless.  Throughout his life, he pursued a better life by getting a job, turning his life to God, and working for Lord.  How he did this was he bought his first truck.  Single cab pickup truck, which he lived in.  What he did with the rest of the money from his paycheck is buy groceries and feed the homeless everyday.  And Minister.  He used what he knew and who he could relate to the best to serve God.  Great story, but yours can be just as great.  It does not have to be some great unique thing.  A mother raising her children to be Christians, who influence their friends to be Christians, and so on.  That's a Great story.  It might not be unique, but it is just as affective as the homeless servant's story.  Do not be afraid, because one major thing I left out of this excerpt is each single person had success by praying to God.  Simple.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray continuously and God will provide the way.

    In Brotherly Love,




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