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    Thursday Nights

    Thursday Nights before the bible study are always a surprise of who will show up.  Two Thursdays ago, we were expecting our Honduran members to participate in English singing and prayer before the dinner and study.  Well, they did not show (which I understand knowing their situation), but we had a pleasant surprise of three other lady members that came ready to sing in Italian!  We eventually had a large group and a fun time singing together.  Then last Thursday, we had the Honduran members, their kids, and three other Italian kids! So, we created a skit of La Pasquale/The Last Supper to be acted this Sunday!  It was blessed time, because I witnessed that the kids were teaching me about The Last Supper with Jesus! Even though we have planned activities, you never know who will be present to brighten that Thursday. 

    In Brotherly Love,



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