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    Day with Maurizio

    Two Fridays ago, I had scheduled to be with Maurizio for the afternoon and evening. He is an unique individual that came to school wanting lessons. He quickly told us his two hobbies, studying English and reading the Bible! Well, perfect. Over these two months, it has been a pleasure to learn more about Maurizio and we had a great time. I will describe only a few things about Maurizio.  He is a retired police officer that worked with Americans and British stationed in Albania.  He has seen and experienced tough events in his life where those have challenged and shaped his faith.  Plus, he speaks in a direct mode, because of his experiences in his police services. He is someone that I would like for you to keep in your prays for these next two weeks.  Maurizio, like some of my Italians students, does not like the church (refers to Catholic Church) and his roots of disgust are deep, which is sad to hear when we are told how important church is God and Jesus Christ.  Remember, Jesus is the head of the church. To give credit to Maurizio, he has a large faith and yearning heart to study the Bible and learn more about God every day!

    In Brotherly Love,



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