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    Aprilia Weekend

    Alan and I had a wonderful time with the Church of Aprilia last weekend.  They are going through rough times as a church after they lost a very high-spirited always smiling member. She had a singing voice of an angel also! I asked if we could visit them and play with the youth. They took it a step further and we had a mini-retreat last weekend.  We studied about the Beatitudes and had activities centered on the Beatitudes.  We sang, ate pizza, and played at the park near the church.  That was Saturday.  Sunday, we had worship in the countryside on one of the church member's property.  It was a perfect day.  We concluded with the study of Jesus' teaching of the salt of the Earth and the Light of the World.  Then played soccer and volleyball with everyone! You could still feel the musk of mourning for Sara around the church members, but they had high spirits, especially the husband, daughter, and the son.  The members are really looking after the kids too.  It's a beautiful example to watch of being a church family.  I hope they were encouraged as much as I was this past weekend. I thank everyone of the Church of Aprilia for that weekend!

    In Brotherly Love,



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