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    Classes are going very well.  Last week and this week will be unscheduled classes as there was a holiday last week, there's a holiday this week, and some changes in my schedule. So, I've had some rearranging to do.  It can be a good thing as some need a little break to relax and to refocus on these next 2 months.  We are almost finished with the death of Jesus.  I will be talking about the reasons we believe in God and Jesus Christ during these next two weeks!  I have started to pray with two or three of my students that are believers! The students are either willing or uncomfortable to do so. One important lesson I've learned is to do good things that are uncomfortable for you. You discover if you truly like those good things or not.

    Continue to pray for my students and their diligence in the Word and behavior they show. Also, pray those same things for me too as we are all in the same boat and need the similar prayers.

    In Brotherly Love,



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