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    NCAA Basketball

    Plans always change in Italy, so you must be flexible otherwise you will always be frustrated.  As I wrote three weeks ago in the forecast update that I will visit the Church in Aprilia. Well, those plans have been postponed to a date in April.  Instead, I spent Saturday night with some Italians watching the NCAA Basketball tournament.  Introducing them to some American culture that fascinated them. Even though it was a basketball environment, it still created interesting biblical discussions and life questions that some of my students friends struggle answering or believing. Which many life questions like creation of the Earth, can you explain cave men, dinosaurs, you believe someone come in the end to destroy the Earth, and different faith questions. The two things I have learned is how to express that you are a Christian and express that you are a Christian at the beginning of a friendship or acquaintanceship, then the gates open and those who are curious will always ask questions in many random settings like watching NCAA Basketball.

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