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    Last Sunday was weird and phenomenal.  It started with my alarm clock not going off on time (apparently misset my alarm), and I was late to greet the Freed-Hardemann group. While I was preparing to leave the school, Melissa called to inform me that Baba, a black african man that David has been helping and evangelizing to, called and wanted to attend church today!  So, I had to rush quickly to church after grabbing a quick bite to eat.  Well, I arrived at the same time as David, I saw there were almost no regular members, except for Paolo.  It was great though, because he brought two friends that he is ministering and helping.  We also had two african visitors too.  So, we had a packed house of visitors and almost every italian was sick! I had a lot to do behind the scenes, and David had to adjust instantly to lead worship and produce a sermon in English and Italian.  I heard he did a fantastic job, and Paolo presented some thoughts on Psalm 71.  I had kids class to lead unexpectedly too, so I decided to continue the idea of performing a skit.  We had concluded Moses leading the Isrealites out of Egypt, so we performed that story.  The kids had a blast and I believe they learned more vocalizing and acting the story. Hopefully! After church, we decided to travel to Viareggio to see the last parade and fireworks show for Carnival.  It was a great day.  Perfect weather and the biggest floats I've ever seen.  But the best part, Baba came with us! David was able to spend more time with him and I too was able to spend time with him.  We had a sad discussion, because he is married and has not returned to visit his family in 6 1/2 years.  He has two twin daughters that he has never met.  I realized if you are a poor man trying to find a way to return home, then you do not have cheerful spirits or much to say.  Your hope is diminished or enhanced by your experience.  In his case, it is diminished.  His only chance of survival is hope in God.  We pray for Baba and are excited to see God working in him, because he called David on Sunday.


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