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    Church in Prato

    Last Sunday, I attended church in Prato.  I was not able to witness a baptism of one of the members there, but we rejoice here in spirit for her decision!  I was able to help out kids class and be with the church in Prato.  I can tell that I was brought here to encourage the young kids of the churches in Italy.  The kids, of ages 7-11, do not grow up with a youth group, nor with older teens.  It could be one or two family with kids.  You never know how blessed you are to have a good group of friends and older ones to follow in their shadows.  If you came from a small or no youth group, then you are blessed to have your strong faith, because you had to be strong and knowledge and faith without much encourage from your peers.  So, they are excited when someone of an older stature comes to worship service.  We talked about putting on the armor of God and what those materials represent, then together we made a felt man with the Belt of Truth, Helmet of Salvation, Sword of the Spirit, breastplate of righteousness, the feet of peace, and the shield of Faith.  The felt man looked Roman, yet for the battle!  The kids loved it and so did I. A great Sunday spent at the church of Prato.

    In Brotherly Love,



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