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    Thursday Nights

    We have a different agenda for Thursday Night Bible Study.  Before, we would offer English Grammar Classes at the Church before the study.  Last year, the attendance was poor and deemed unnecessary to continue this agenda.  Now, we have reformed Thursday nights and are experiencing with this:

    1st Thursday- Singing New Translated Hymns
    2nd Thursday- Praying and Singing Kids Songs
    3rd Thursday- Games, Give information about each other, potporri
    4th Thursday- Perform a Skit

    Last month, attendance was great and the Honduran families really enjoy relaxing while the kids have fun coloring, performing the skit, and being able to run around the church building!  Every Thursday has produced a reason to continue this agenda and we pray that more members are able and willing to come on Thursday nights. Lord willing, this agend will continue to be meaning for us and the Hondurans.

    Of course, the study is very profoundly given by a wise Italian named Giovanni. He has a rare gift from God to speak slowly, retain your thoughts, express those thoughts accurately, and teach.  It is always a pleasure to be apart of those studies on Thursday nights.

    In Brotherly Love,



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