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    Fundraiser with Paolo

    Last Friday was a unexpected, fun benefit dinner with our dear friend Paolo, member of the church, who has been involved in a non-profit organization that helps the poor in Florence.  It was a multicultural experience.  We had food from all different parts of the world, piano concert, cha-cha/Spanish style music, and an Indian style dancing display.  It was another way to be with different Christians and Non-Christians to display who we represent and to be apart of the Scandicci/Florence community.  Plus, I experienced the multicultural catering service mayhem as I helped Paolo with waiting tables.  The best part was seeing Paolo in his element by being energetic and a positive example to those around him! 

    One great way to be an example of Jesus Christ is to be among the community.  It is very easy at the Bible School to stay in your environment at the Bible School, which does not show the willingness to go out.  Plus, how can you show Jesus Christ to others if you are always in your home.  Friday Night was an opportunity to do so.

    In Brotherly Love,



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