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    Monday April 23

    I was able to talk with a different student today about the story of Peter and John healing a crippled man in Acts 3.  God tells us stories with different people being healed miraculously.  What makes each story great is the person being healed.  This crippled man was carried to the Temple Gate everyday to beg for money.  This was his life.  I believe this man did not have faith in God, but perhaps was curious of his existence.  I derive this statement from Acts 3:7 "Then Peter took the lame man by the right hand and helped him up." 'Took the lame man by the right hand,' is the key phrase.  He did not fully have faith in God, otherwise he would have stood up on his own when Peter said 'Get up and walk!'.  Rather, he was unknown of God and His existence, so Peter's command was not enough, Peter had to help him to his feet.  Once this occurred, the crippled man, now healed, spread the news all throughout the Temple.  The second the crippled man had strength in his legs, he believed in God and praised Him.  Sometimes, we need a kick in the rear to remind us of who God is.

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