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    Monday April 2

    Thought of the day:  Are you practicing because of a habit, or because you are in love with it?

    You have a seat in the middle right of the auditorium.  The clapping begins.  Out from the curtains a gentleman walks to the piano.  Gives a bow and sits on the bench.  A few breaths of air and then he begins.  You listen and watch, but you notice one detail.  His body and hands are flowing with the music and the music sounds beautiful.  The great pianists are like this description.  They believe in the piano, because they are in love with it.  Nothing else matters.

    Can you imagine the opposite?  Someone who rarely practices, shows up on lesson days, and goes home gaining nothing.  Is this what your relationship with God.  Rarely reads the bible, prays, or do good deeds.  Do you go to church, because of habit.  I have many great examples growing up of people who are in love with God.  It is evident.  Are you one of those people, or do you habitually go to church on Sundays and live your life outside of Sunday?

    In Brotherly Love,



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