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    Sunday 29-1

    I want to make a quick statement saying there will be some days I will not have a post up, but I will make up for it as soon as I can.  Thank you all for reading.

     The Sermon given in Church Sunday morning came from the passage of Colossians 2: 8-15.  There are several messages in this particular text.  The meaning of Jesus' Resurrection, ritual circumcision is no longer needed as it is a symbolic term through baptism (this is a very big deal that I encourage you all to study more about), and the meaning I will be expounding on what faith is.  I am going to concentrate on Verse 8 that describes faith in practice.  "...no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy.."  These days it is hard to state a fact of life, because of the era of thinking we live in called the post-modernism era (which might have past).  There are no facts, just truths is a very basic and quick gist of post-modern thought.  Here is the Bible stating do not be taken by deceptive philosophy, meaning you must have faith to believe in Him.  There is a very smart and wise gentlemen taught me once that every thought, proof, theory, idea, etc. has a presupposed, or based on faith, statement behind these thoughts.  This is true with statements made by Scientists, Architects, Artists, Managers, Farmers, etc. of how things work in there specific field.  They recognize presuppositions as implied assumption about the world they are in.  THAT IS FAITH!  The letter to Colossians teaches us the TRUE presupposition statement, aka FAITH, that all other theories and truths are based on THIS WORLD, not on Christ.  If you are struggling with how do I have faith or what is faith.  Know this, when you do good deeds in the name of Christ and live through Him daily, then you are living in faith.


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