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    Monday 30-1

    We are having a Bible Study every Monday night with folks that come from the Scandicci community.  We are reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and having discussions on the chapter of the week.  Tonight's chapter topic was death.  Different stories and very powerful messages are told in this book.  The one message that stuck with me is it takes a tragic death to someone to wake people up about how much you do not matter on earth (including me).  Why does a tragedy have to wake me up?  I will get to my point, but let me describe a key part of the chapter.

    The author told a true story about a girl, he knew, who loved God with all her heart and would show God to all of her friends.  She was very happy and passionate about life and would hand Bibles out to everyone she met and knew with the money she earned.  She did this at the age of 12.  When she was driving to the movies one evening, she died in a car wreck at age 14.  The author did the eulogy.  He shared the Gospel and invited people to come up and give their lives to God, like the girl would have wanted.  200 peers of this girl came up that day.  Her life had been fulfilling to God on this earth, but it took her death to wake people up about the reality we live in to commit to Christ.

    This is where my thought came in.  Here, this 14 year old girl giving her life to Lord and spreading the Word making disciples, and probably few, if any, believed what she was preaching about.  But it takes her death to wake those affected by her up to proclaim Jesus Christ.  It truly is a blessing to see God using her and others this way, as He does performing miracles still today using others.  But I am making a point that we should not need a tragic moment in life wake us up to think about complex, uncomfortable realities of life.  People avoid it and Satan uses that to his advantage.  While we need these wonderful, yet tragic events to give us reminders, do not let Satan destroy your ability to ask questions, find answers, dig deep into the Word to give you strength about the complexities of life.

    In Brotherly Love,



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