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    I'm Here, Now What

    We had a men's bible study Monday evening with 2 people from Scandicci, Andre (Andrew) and Paolo (Paul).  Our discussion was on the topic of prayer and studying how to prayer.  During this discussion, Andre made a comment and asked a basic question, but not easy to answer. "I did not ask God to put me on this Earth, but I am.  So, what does God want me to do?" Simple question, yet we did not have an answer for him immediately and went on with the other questions about prayer.  I pondered on that question the whole rest of the bible study... What does God want me to do?  I can answer it for myself, but for someone else it's difficult.  If I were going to help someone else to discover what God wants; a scripture thrown at someone does not truly give an answer, ie Go into the World and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This is what you should do everyday, and you can at your career, lifestyle, and being apart of the community.  List can go on.  But this is a general answer, not a specific answer to meet his needs.  I made some comments to his first part of the quote, God did not create us to be in the current world we are living in, but we chose this through Satan's lies and deceptions. So, we chose this path, God is not at blame.  God should be praised for rescuing us from the hands of Satan and thankful we live in a somewhat manageable, but chaotic society.  I could not come up with a worthy answer to his question though.  Thankfully, God worked through David to give him this advice for those who might be struggling with the bolded question, "Pray about this very desire, in your prayer specifically ask for the answer, and God will provide you the game plan."  I thought, well that was a simple answer.  Truly it is not a simple answer, from us humans.  We can not give an answer to What God wants you to do, because we are not God, thankfully.  The only way to receive a complex answer is to ask the complex creator Himself.  Then, something very hard to understand will become very easy.

    Your Brother in Christ,


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