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    Student Update

    One great piece of news to share is all of my students are regularly attending! Each day presents different challenges and excitements with them.  We read stories that I do not remember in my life.  The stories present God in new ways, which can be very challenging for me.  So, I cannot imagine the thoughts and questions of my students.  With one of my students, we are reading the book of Genesis. Yes, it is a tough place to start with a student, yet it has introduced us to new, great findings.  For example, I did not know that the rainbow was created as a signature of a contract.  The contract between God and Noah is God will never destroy the entire Earth again.  He created a rainbow to remind himself of this pact.  Honestly, I did not know this.
    We also slowly have students attending church (one of my students and one student of another worker).  We also have seven regular attendees at the Monday Night Bible Study.  Pray that hearts are opened, accepting the Word, and growing in faith everyday.
    In Brotherly Love,



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