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    Yesterday, I went to visit the Masini family, because the wife had an operation and was in the hospital for 5 days.  She is at home and recovering well.  Cooking, walking up and down stairs, etc.  Her only restriction is lifting items.  Thank the Lord she is doing well. 
    It was an enjoyable and needed day for the husband, because he had not been at church for the past two weeks (he is always at church).  Yesterday, he said to me, “The brotherhood of the church is very important, if we do not take care of each other, then how can we take care of visitors?” This is true. Many of Paul’s letters to the churches focus on the internal structure/relationships of the church.  If we do not build each other up, provide for each other, etc. then how can we provide for others outside the church?  I was glad to visit yesterday just to be reminded of this important task- Take care of each other!

    In Brotherly Love,



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