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    Big Weekend!

    We just had a big weekend! Friday night was poker night with my students.  I have a variety of students, so I enjoy finding the right activities to bring many students together.  I certain group of my students came for the movie night.  Just like that night, a certain group of my students came for Poker Night.  It was perfect, because one of our young college guy from the church was able to be an example to show my students that some young people go to church too.  Plus, it was another good time spent with them.  Then, Saturday night was the Big Sleepover for the kids at the church. We advertised for kids from the age of 4-14 to come Saturday to enjoy games, photo booth, hide-n-seek, crafts, ping pong, practicing and performing (wonderfully I may add) a skit of Paul's conversion, and, best of all, making your own pizza!  Then after the skit, the little ones return home and the big kids spend the night at the church!  We had 7 kids come and 5 spend the night!  This was great turnout since this is a new cultural shock/experience for the Italians.  Everyone's stomaches was satisfied and they had a blast!  I believe the adults had more fun than the kids.  We had one lady make pizza for the first time in her life.... she made 7 pizzas! We had another lady take of the baking of the pizzas and controlling the oven.  It was great to see everyone jumping in and having fun.  In the end, after the activities, pizza, snacks, and Toy Story; we slept..... some! The kids were well rested for worship service and class the next day.  The parents came and enjoyed "Agape" or "Lunch-in" at the church.  The kids were angels, praise God for that, and they even learned about Paul and converting from Saul to Paul. It was well worth sacrificing some sleep for a night with the kids!

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