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    Welcome in the new group of 2013 (minus Megan)!

    They all arrived together on the New Year.  They said they celebrated the New Year in the air with a glass of champagne! What a way to bring in the New Year.  The new people are Rachel(far left) and Alan(far right) Kirby, Lindsey (turquoise shirt), and Megan, who decided not to be in the photo.  After a nice evening of eating pizza, we entered the living room for an intense game of nerts.  One of ways to keep our travelers awake, so they can cure jet lag in a quicker mode.

    This is the new group and you will be seeing more of them in the future and where God leads them here in Italia.

    Please pray for the new group and the rest of the church at this time here in Italia.

    In Brotherly Love, PB


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