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    Ski Resort

    To my surprise, Avanti Italia planned a team training weekend in the mountains.  We skied some and ran through the training program.  It was a relaxing time, except for the skiing. Toughest slopes I’ve ever seen. My ski skills increased tremendously because I had to go down the mountain if I wanted to return back to Scandicci! I became lost on the slopes for five hours skiing and enjoying the gorgeous view.  Eventually, I found my way back to the right path down the mountain, but I had to traverse a black line, equivalent to BLACK DIAMOND! I admit that I was nervous which was my downfall as I did wipeout on that one part. FYI- Europeans are great skiers and these mountain slopes had been Olympic courses in the past!


    1. Hey Peter,
      Know you are doing a good work in the Lord. Glad you are got back to your home after skiing.
      Please pray for my granddaughter, Haley, she has had a form of encephalitis (brain infection). She is 14 years old and lives in TN. She has a long recovery, but we are trusting in the Lord and His care. She has not spoken for several days and was in a coma last week. She is awake now and has to have 24/7 care. So it is rough on my son and his wife. Anyway I know God hears your prayers. Dr. J



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