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    Classes are going very well. It is always different students every two weeks who surprise you. It is good thing. Some of the best classes are without opening the Bible and becoming more personal with each other. I had one of the classes two weeks ago, and it seems to have given him a little more enjoyment for our class periods.

    I am reading a book written by Vittorio Vitalone, who is an Italian member of the church of Christ in Rome, about the doctor's view of Cavalry with many of my students. It dissects, in medical terms, the emotional and physical suffering of Jesus' death on the cross. Like the symptoms of both emotional and physical he had and the brutal torture techniques that Jesus experienced. The book gives a great medical description of Jesus' death on the cross and great discussion! I will be finishing the book with many of the students in the next two weeks. This is a short paragraph, but I will report more on their changes.

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