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    The past Saturdays, I had two home games here in Florence. Coaching baseball has opened up opportunities of conversation with many players. One guy, in particular, is very philosophical and enjoys reading the Bible as a historic text, but does not believe in God. He seems to do good things for others, yet he still does not believe there is a god. This is one example of many diverse player's beliefs. I'm glad baseball is the common thing to bring these guys together, and here is an opportunity to reach out to these players to make the common thing be God. Coaching baseball is going well too. It is hard to teach the catchers with only having one practice a week, but it is better than not teaching at all. The age group of the players range from 18-35. The team is composed of mainly college age players, but you still have to juggle your approach to the wide age range of the team. Hopefully, I will have as many opportunities as possible to be with the team throughout these next months.

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