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    Tuesday May 15

    I am teaching a new group of professionals on Tuesday nights.  We are improving their vocabulary and ability to speak.  Initially, it is going very well and has provided many new contacts.  The fantastic part is their interest in one on one lessons at the school.  This group has never heard about our ministry in the community and that says two points.  One, new people are available to minister, or hear the message, everyday.  Two, people don't know we exist and we should stop thinking that everyone in Scandicci knows of the program.  We lose out on many missed opportunities if we have this way of thinking.  Same application, never assume that someone has knows about Jesus Christ just because you have known that person for a long time.  You must continue to be proactive.

    In Brotherly Love,



    1. Thanks for keeping us updated, Peter! I think we can all use the reminder that not everyone knows Christ, even right here in Lafayette. Thanks for the reminder that we need to keep "Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known."

      - Rachel Ravellette



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