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    Monday May 14

    We are beginning a series on the Holy Spirit in our bible class.  Who forgets the Holy Spirit exists?  I do.  The Holy Spirit is not tangible in my mind.  Jesus and God are tangible.  Jesus was born on this earth and a perfect Man.  We, as humans, are made after God's own image, which means God has a physical form.  The Holy Spirit is a ghost, something difficult to comprehend.  Sometime I hide from the difficult things to stay absent-minded and enjoy the simple life.  Holy Spirit can make your life simple.  When something is so simple yet you try to make it complicated, because the perception seemingly suggests it is complicated.  This is the Holy Spirit.  It is very complex yet it's purpose is simple and more powerful than anything we can imagine.  The Holy Spirit is not created to be understood, that is complex, yet it is created to use us for God's will, that is simple.

    In Acts, you will find that almost every story talks about the Holy Spirit and its power.  You just have to read the text.

    In Brotherly Love,



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