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    Thursday Nov 8, 2012

    I bike with a friend today, and he had this to say.

    I do not know why God permits people to suffer torture, especially kids. For example..  He went on to recount a story of a 12 year old Jew during the Holocaust.  To be specific and short.  This 12 year was taken to an all men's concentration camp.  He had friends his same age.  Without the 12 year, those friends escaped the camp, but was recaptured in the woods by the Nazi guards.  The 12 year old saw his friends hung as an example to the others prisoners.  One of them suffered a long tortuous death, because he was too light to snap his neck.  So, he hung there until he died of starvation or suffocation.

    My friend went on to answer his struggle of the question, those suffering understand life on this world is not important for living but for bringing glory to God.  He did say this, "I do not know how to have faith like this.  For me, it is impossible."  Meaning, sure it is to bring glory to God and also to live and enjoy an earthly life.

    Chew on this.  Are some people incapable of having great size faith? Does it matter the size of faith to which you must have or at least it is good to have faith to exclaim you believe in God and Jesus Christ?

    In Brotherly Love,



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